All manicures and pedicures are carried out using the best Opi products working on the cutical, the shape and the polish. We offer a deluxe treatment with heated boots or mitts for a more intense treatment.

Manicures £27.00
Luxury manicures £30.00
Pedicures £29.00
Luxury pedicures £32.00
Nail,shape and polish £15.00

Bio sculpture nails

For a more long lasting polish we offer Bio Gel nail over lays which give you up to 3 weeks of non chip polish in french, or a wide range of colours or for a longer look.  We offer nail extensions with bio gel on top for extra protection and effect.



Full set of extensions White tip/Colour – £40.00
Natural Nail Overlays White tip/Colour – £35.00
2-3 weekly infills on extensions/overlays  White tip/Colour – £28.50
Overlays on Toes White tip/Colour – £28.50
Nail Designs Transfers per design – £1.00 Gems each – £0.10
Single Nail Repair Overlay – £3.00 Extension – £4.00
Soak/Buff Off Removal of acrylic/gel nails – £20.00